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Be ready. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and ask the tough questions. We’ll push you to see truths and open your mind to what you may be missing. It may not always be easy, but we promise it will be highly productive.

We have combined experience in all areas of club management, including: club operations, food & beverage strategies, customer/guest service levels, golf operations, fitness/tennis/pool/spa/concierge amenities, clubhouse facility management, accounting and finance systems, I.T. services, turf management, retail merchandise operations, culinary design, and more.

Our services are detailed below. Included are the many ways in which we can help your club grow and succeed. If you don’t see your specific challenge addressed, click this link and we’ll contact you right away to see how we can help.

Membership Growth & Retention

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Membership promotions and discounts certainly attract new prospects, but the secret to signing and retaining Members is perfecting your Club’s Membership Culture. On average, a Member has about 90 days to make a meaningful connection and 18 months before deciding if the club is a good fit. Without a defined Membership Culture, what motivates them to join and stay?

Strategic Club Solutions will take you through the steps necessary to develop and implement your Membership Culture strategy. It’s the key to the growth and retention of Members. Combined with our proven Membership programs and strategies, you’re guaranteed to reach every Membership goal you set.

  • Membership Culture Development and Implementation
  • Membership Growth Solutions
  • Effective Membership Referral Programs
  • New Member Onboarding
  • Membership Retention Solutions
  • Member Engagement Strategies
  • Member Events and Programing

Strategic Planning


For the first time in history, Clubs are faced with a new challenge: How to remain relevant and viable to five generations simultaneously. With Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and iGens all trying to enjoy the same Club space, how can a Club succeed at being all things to all groups? Successful Clubs will require an innovative strategic plan in order to meet the demands of such a diverse audience. A clear road map will be needed to drive decision making and maintain progress, regardless of downturns and distractions.

Strategic Club Solutions delivers an actionable and achievable strategic plan based on industry experience, relevant data, and proven best practices to help your Club respond to unforeseen demands. We show you how to roll out new initiatives and how to get your stakeholders and members on board. Even better, SCS uniquely partners with you every step of the way. Unlike other companies that sweep in, make a quick assessment and present you with a cookie-cutter proposal, we customize every facet, supporting and keeping you accountable throughout. Simply stated, we partner with you beyond the plan.

  • Club-wide Operations Audit and Analysis
  • Strategic Plan Implementation  and Accountability Tools
  • Multi-Generational Accommodation Training
  • Member Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Club Culture Creation and Integration
  • Capital Planning
  • Legacy Thinking
  • Operational Standards Implementation
  • Competitive Market Analysis

Food & Beverage Enhancements

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Is your Club top of mind when Members are looking for a food and beverage option? Whether dining à la carte, or hosting business and social events, the Club should always be a first thought and favorite spot. Unfortunately, while over 90% of Members want their Club to be a first choice for dining and events, less than 50% actually feel that way. Why is that?  

We’ll help you figure it out. SCS’s Operations and Opportunity Audit strategically identifies gaps in your Club’s F&B Operations and implements a program for filling them. Combining Member feedback with proven solutions, your Club absolutely becomes “the place to be.”


  • Menu Costing and Analysis
  • Consistent World Class Service Training
  • F&B Opportunity Analysis and Issue Resolution
  • Strategic Procurement Program (Buy Smarter)
  • Outlet Development and Enhancement
  • F&B Operations Growth Strategies

Staff Training & Development

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The Team, The Team, The Team. It’s been said, you’re only as good as the people with whom you surround yourself. To make your team better, it may be time to ask the important questions: Are you equipping your employees with the tools and resources to be successful? Do you provide the means and culture for open and honest feedback? Do you make team training and retreats a priority? Is your Club a fun place to work?

As the labor market tightens, you need more effective ways to attract and retain great talent. Strategic Club Solutions brings you a toolbox of proven solutions to get your team operating at peak performance. We’ll take you through our proprietary Organizational Check-up so you can see how your Club measures up. It’s no-risk and completely free.


  • 360 Degree Feedback/Review Tools
  • Team Building
  • Training Solutions Programs
  • Management Staff Development
  • DiSC® Assessments
  • Employee Orientation
  • Employee Engagement Programs
  • Professional Development Path
  • Employee Handbook Creation/Audit/Update

Let’s face it, good help really is hard to find. The hours and effort it takes to fill a key position can be a grind, especially when you already have a full-time job. Strategic Club Solutions offers a variety of search solutions for both executive and hourly positions. We’ll keep your funnel full of the best and brightest talent in your market.

We deliver custom-fit employment solutions guaranteed to not only bring in great talent, but help you keep them longer once they’re hired. Best part? SCS doesn’t charge crazy contingent fees. We create a fee structure that works for you and get down to the task of cultivating top candidates. We take our job seriously when helping you fill your job.


Marketing & Communications

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What does your Club’s branding message say to prospective members? Does your website attractively convey your Club’s best features and unique culture? Whether you are marketing internally or externally, communicating the right message in the most effective way can drastically improve your Club’s position.

We can do this for you. The marketing strategists at SCS will combine graphic appeal with a purposeful message, aligned with your Club’s values and vision. Using imaginative and creative design approaches and genius promotional tactics, we take your market presence to a whole new level.


  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding, Marketing, Messaging
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design, Launch and Hosting
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Wedding and Event Websites
  • Event Collateral, Marketing Mailers, Print and Digital
  • E-Newsletters
  • Print Newsletters



Quality decisions can only be based quality data. The way to gather the most reliable feedback is through confidential surveys and third-party facilitated focus groups. It’s how you answer questions like: How can we best serve our members? Where should we focus our capital planning? What do our members and employees think about the leaders, managers and board members at our Club? You begin the process of answering these questions with high-quality, professionally administered surveys.

The survey experts at SCS will develop customized questions to produce reliable answers. Whether you are looking for feedback on one specific issue, or want to do an all-encompassing, club-wide survey, SCS is your solution to impeccable design, delivery and analysis for your next survey.


  • Membership Surveys
  • New Member Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Event Follow-up Surveys
  • Exit Surveys for Employees
  • Exit Surveys for Members

Additional Services


Strategic Club Solutions offers a wide range of effective and affordable services and programs. Engage with our expert staff for a single option or a custom combination designed to boost your Club beyond your expectations.


  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • IT Support Solutions
  • Retail Outlet Management
  • Speaking and Training Engagements
  • Club Operations Consulting
  • Sales Strategy and Accountability for Events/Membership Departments

I hired Ryan Doerr to facilitate leadership meetings with my core management team. With Ryan’s help we have developed a new core value system for our entire staff. I couldn’t have gotten this accomplished without Ryan and Strategic Club Solutions.

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Daniel Morn
GM/COO North Shore Country Club, Mequon, WI