Free AI Webinar

Tuesday, June 13 | 2:00pm - 2:20pm CDT

Join The AI Revolution - 20-Minute Webinar: How To Use AI To Run A More Efficient Club

Are you using Artificial Intelligence (AI)? Do you understand how to unlock its power to save you time and run a more efficient Club? Join the fastest-growing trend in the business world with this first-of-its-kind 20-minute webinar designed by Club experts. This webinar will provide an introduction to AI, demonstrate useful practices, and guide you on getting started with AI implementation.  Our Club experts will walk you through the potential of AI in transforming the way your Club operates and how ChatGPT  can be used for innovative ways to allocate resources effectively, optimize your operations, enhance member experiences, and create more time for critical strategic initiatives needed to grow a thriving Club.  

Don’t get left behind. These 20 minutes will save you hours.

*Note: This webinar is suitable for individuals at all levels and will not be recorded, plan on attending live.

2-Part Masterclass

Part 1 - Tuesday, June 20 | 10:00am - 11:00am CDT

Harnessing The AI Revolution - 60-Minute Masterclass: How to Leverage AI For Optimal Club Communications

Part 2 - Tuesday, June 27 | 10:00am - 11:00am CDT

Maximizing The AI Revolution - 60-Minute Masterclass: Save Time and Enhance Productivity with AI

Take the first step towards integrating AI into your Club and gaining critical hours back in your workday. 

Unlock the power of AI in this immersive 2-part AI Masterclass. Designed by Club experts, this comprehensive session is tailored to help you leverage the fastest-growing business trend for optimal Club operations – saving you time and money, and boosting creativity and productivity.

In Part 1, we’ll harness the power of AI to help you leverage AI for optimal Club communications. We’ll explore the capabilities of ChatGPT and offer practical aspects of integrating AI into your Club communications to save you time. You’ll learn how to effectively use and stack prompts and how ChatGPT can help manage disgruntled member communications, contribute to newsletters, and more. 

In Part 2, Our Club experts will show you how AI can save you time and enhance your Club’s creativity and productivity. In this session, we’ll show you how to utilize ChatGPT to create effective agendas for meetings, inject creativity into your programming to attract and retain members, and more. 

There will be an interactive Q&A session following the webinar that will provide you with the opportunity to engage with SCS experts and other like-minded professionals interested in utilizing AI to save time and optimize club operations. Invest in this professional development for $197 and save unmatched time and money.