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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my survey look different from my spouse or other Members?

Each survey is unique in that survey logic is built in to tailor the survey to each Member. We only want to ask you about the facilities you use, therefore your questions are based on the answers you provide in previous questions. So, for example, when the survey asks if you golf and you answer no, the survey is built so you will not be asked any golf questions. If you answer yes, you will be asked a series of follow up questions.


What if I can’t finish the survey in one sitting?

Not to worry, use the convenience of the “Save & Continue Later” feature. Simply complete the page you’re on, click the Save & Continue Later button in the top right corner of the screen, and enter your email address. A new link will be sent to you. Then when you’re ready, use the new link to pick up where you left off. Please know that any answer you enter is saved automatically in our system.


What if I don’t receive the new link?

Depending on how busy the server is, it may take a few hours before you receive your updated link. If you don’t receive this updated link in 24 hours, please contact Nevena at


How do I go back a page in the survey if I need to?

Always use the “Back” and “Next” button at the bottom of the survey page to move back and forth throughout the survey. If you mistakenly use the browser’s back button, the survey will be gone and your browser will go to the internet search page you were on. If, for some reason, you mistakenly use the back browser and get taken off the survey, please know any responses you entered are automatically in our system so your time and effort is not lost.


What happens if I lose power or my computer freezes/shuts down while I’m taking the survey?

Not to worry, the system saves all your responses by page so even if close out of the survey by accident, lose power, etc. your responses will be saved.


I didn’t use the Save & Continue Later feature but didn’t finish the survey. What do I do?

Simply use the original link below to open the survey. It will take you to the beginning. You will have to manually click “Next” to get to the page where you left off on. Then proceed to answer the remaining questions in the survey. Your previous responses have been recorded already and were not lost.

Video Tutorial on how to save your survey