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Membership Growth and Retention

Strategic Club Solutions take a whole approach to Membership attraction and retention strategies

Club Membership
  • Membership Culture Development and Implementation
  • Membership Growth Solutions
  • Effective Membership Referral Programs
  • New Member Onboarding
  • Membership Retention Solutions
  • Member Engagement Strategies
  • Member Events and Programing

Healthy clubs and communities are in constant motion — retaining current members and attracting new ones. We know one of the biggest reasons why someone leaves is a lack of engagement or connection with the members and community. Focusing on this sense of belonging is key to a club and community’s success. 

Work with SCS to help provide a clear value proposition and clarity on your “story”. We’ll review your communication resources and collateral and do discovery to better understand what excites your current membership and what they find of value. We’ll offer proven strategies to help increase member engagement.

If you’re looking to add to your membership we’ll provide proven ways to attract. This goes way beyond a membership discount promo. We’ll guide you on how to use exclusive events, social media, referral programs, partnerships and non-traditional activities to to pique interest and get prospective members in the door. 

SCS will bring unique and creative ways to attract new members and engage your current membership.

Strategic Club Solutions will take you through the steps necessary to develop and implement your Membership Culture strategy. It’s the key to the growth and retention of Members. Combined with our proven Membership programs and strategies, you’re guaranteed to reach every Membership goal you set.

SCS helped us get solid traction on new Member growth in one year we added over 185 new Members, more than doubling our normal performance. Their team of professionals were fully equipped and proved to be helpful in other aspects of Club Management, Member Surveys and Planning. I highly recommend SCS.

Downtown building
David Kriete
President, Milwaukee Athletic Club

Ryan instantly made a positive impact. His professionalism, resolve, and rationale, provided the needed leadership and remedy during a difficult time. Ryan helped us build a top-performing team, increased membership 40%, and enhanced the Merrill Hills experience for the benefit of the members and guests.

Todd Schlender
Membership Chair, Merrill Hills Country Club