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Elevate Your Club's Engagement and Growth

with Strategic Club Solutions

Healthy clubs and communities thrive on dynamic member engagement and continual growth.

At Strategic Club Solutions (SCS), we understand that a key reason members leave is due to a lack of engagement or connection. Fostering a strong sense of belonging is vital to your club and community’s success.


Attract New Members Effectively

Looking to grow your membership base?

We have the proven strategies.

SCS provides proven strategies to attract new members, far beyond traditional membership discounts promotions.

Our approach involves carefully crafted campaigns that align with your club’s brand, vision, and goals. We leverage our expertise to:

  • Re-imagine your club's brand and member experience
  • Develop and implement strategic initiatives
  • Enhance member engagement and satisfaction

Is Member Retention an Issue at Your Club?

We help clubs across the country solve similar issues.

Healthy clubs and communities are in constant motion — retaining current members and attracting new ones. One of the biggest reasons for member attrition is a lack of engagement or connection with the community. Fostering a sense of belonging is key to a club’s success.

  • Enhance the Member journey
  • Elevate member experience and engagement
  • Strengthen community and connection
Innovative Retention Solutions
Building Strong Member Relations

Member engagement is critical for retention and growth

Let's partner to ensure your members are loyal.
SCS will guide you through developing and implementing a comprehensive Membership Culture strategy. This is essential for the sustained growth and retention of your members. With our proven engagement programs and strategies, you’re guaranteed to achieve every membership goal you set. We will:
  • Create dynamic engagement programs
  • Enhance communication channels
  • Foster member feedback and involvement

why choose strategic club solutions?

The Industry's Leading Partners
  • Expertise: Our team consists of dedicated experts in all areas of club operations, ensuring a holistic approach to your club's needs.
  • Proven Award-Winning Results: We offer strategies backed by successful case studies and industry best practices.
  • Tailored Solutions: Each club is unique, and our solutions are customized to fit your specific requirements and goals.

Here's what our clients are saying

SCS helped us get solid traction on new Member growth in one year we added over 185 new Members, more than doubling our normal performance. Their team of professionals were fully equipped and proved to be helpful in other aspects of Club Management, Member Surveys and Planning. I highly recommend SCS.

David Kriete
Past President, Milwaukee Athletic Club

The SCS team instantly made a positive impact. Their professionalism, resolve, and rationale, provided the needed leadership and remedy during a difficult time. They helped us build a top-performing team, increased membership 40%, and enhanced the Merrill Hills experience for the benefit of the members and guests.

Todd Schlender
Past Membership Chair, Merrill Hills Country Club
Discover Our Award-Winning Strategies

Contact us to get started, or to learn more about the intricacies of our custom-tailored membership approach. We recognize that your organization is unique, and our seasoned team of experts is here to navigate the nuances, ensuring a winning strategy that aligns seamlessly with your Club’s values and goals.


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