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Club Branding, Marketing, and Communications

We consider every element of how your Club is being presented and strategically align it to your goals. We help you tell your story in a way that engages behavior and influences decision making.

Club Marketing for clubhouse
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Messaging
  • Membership Material Audit
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Collateral Design
  • Web Design, Launch and Hosting
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Wedding and Event Websites
  • Event Collateral, Marketing Mailers, Print and Digital
  • E-Newsletters
  • Print Newsletters

First impressions are lasting impressions. If your club and community’s marketing and communication aren’t strategic and intentional, it can be difficult to change people’s perceptions in the future. It’s no secret your website is “selling” for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Research has proven people form an opinion within the first few seconds of reading your membership collateral. If your communication isn’t professional or well-received, it can create distrust and a lack of confidence in your ability to deliver on its promises. And, with all the choices prospective members have, your brand story needs to be spot-on in telling what’s unique or special about your Club. 

SCS knows how to help influence and persuade. Whether it’s joining the club or community, attending an event or encouraging participation on the property, it has to be done right. From your images to your words, if you do this the wrong way, you can sabotage your brand and lose control over your efforts. 

When you work with SCS, you work with a team of Club marketing strategists. We consider every element of how your Club is being presented and strategically align it to your goals. We help you tell your story in a way that engages behavior and influences decision-making. We help you design it to reflect the quality and sophistication of your brand. 

For us, the output isn’t about pretty, it’s about intention. It’s about working smarter not harder in gaining and keeping Members. Contact us and we can start with an audit of your existing materials. It’s a great way to understand missed opportunities and leverage what you are doing right.

Club Branding

People have a hard time articulating what really makes their Club special. When we work with companies on their strategic planning and branding, we ask Members and staff, “Why should someone be a Member at your Club?” Inevitably, the answers are always the same: because of the people, the sense of community, and because the Club is a home away from home. There’s another layer of intangibles and understanding when done right tells the true story that opens the minds and hearts.

What’s Your Club’s Story?

SCS will help you define the essence and culture of your Club. We’ll lead focus groups and listening sessions, interview key members of your team, and review your current messaging. Instead of being a facilities and amenities conversation, we are tugging on neuro triggers that engage behavior. Staff will benefit because they’ll deliver on the brand. Current Members will have a clear understanding of what their Club stands for and will feel pride and want to serve as ambassadors for the Club. Additionally, Prospective Members will immediately understand what makes your Club so special.

Then, our creative team goes to work on your brand story. We’ll help you weave this story into the fabric of your Club and put your best foot forward in all you do.

  • Opportunity Assessment reviewing:
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Values
    • Messaging
    • Photos
    • Website
    • Marketing collateral
    • Membership materials and strategies
    • Member correspondence
    • Social media
    • Menu design review
  • Brand Identity featuring:
    • Brand Story
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • Personality
    • Emotions
    • Values
    • Core narrative
    • Communication keys
    • Nuggets of differentiation
    • Creative strategy
    • Photo direction
    • Photo shot list
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Member Messaging
  • Staff Messaging
  • Event marketing
  • 2D & 3D Space audits

Over the past couple years we’ve had SCS help us with several projects including communications improvements, membership marketing, bylaws rewrites and other items. The entire team has been incredibly helpful and insightful, and have helped us achieve great results on our initiatives. In particular, Ryan Doerr and Laura Leszczynski have gone above and beyond my expectations. I continue to lean on them for support regularly.

Jonathan M. Kruse, CCM
General Manager/COO

The SCS team helped us get the ball rolling on a much needed alignment step for our board, by providing frameworks and guidance that helped us shape our brand positioning and our strategies. The process was collaborative and inspiring. We are very happy all around as the final product was creative and gave us clarity on marketing, talking to prospective new members, and even perspective for new capital investments.

Peggy Munnagle
Western Racquet Club Board Member

SCS dove deep into what make us special and helped position us to use a different script as we work to add to our membership. Their perspective and expertise was crucial to the final product and its success. 

Brian Pizzimenti
CCM, General Manager/CEO,