Strategic Planning

We partner with you every step of the way

You may have the right team, a supportive board, and up-to-date amenities, but if your club is missing a strategic plan – time, money, and members can be lost due to a lack of focus and direction. At SCS, we’ll partner with you to build a strategic plan that sets the stage for smart decision-making, efficient resource allocation, and overall direction – ensuring everyone is working towards the same goals and is well aware of their contributions to the success of the club.

An SCS Strategic Plan will:

  1. Provide a clear direction

    Clarity on purpose, making sure the mission, vision, and values of the club are in line with the culture, and having both short and long-term goals are essential for providing a sense of purpose and direction.

  2. Support decision-making

    With an SCS strategic plan in place, club leadership can make informed decisions about where to invest resources, which initiatives to pursue, and how to respond to new challenges or opportunities. This plan can serve as a framework for evaluating different options and selecting the ones that are most aligned with the club’s goals and priorities.

  3. Align stakeholders

    With a shared vision and goals outlined in the strategic plan, a sense of unity and collaboration between members, staff, vendors, and community partners will unfold. 

  4. Monitoring and evaluation

    Through the strategic plan, it is easier to track the club’s progress and performance. This provides the club with an accessible document that can help identify successes as well as areas that need improvement.

  5. Facilitate continuous improvement

    By regularly reviewing and updating your strategic plan, you can ensure that it stays relevant and responsive to changing circumstances. This process of continuous improvement can help the club to remain competitive and meet the evolving needs of its members and the broader community.

Work with SCS and exhale knowing you have clarity, especially during board changeover. The process is easy and gets input from key stakeholders so you can achieve your goals, make informed decisions, and create a sense of unity and purpose among key stakeholders.

I hired Ryan to assist with the strategic planning for Old Hickory. Ryan’s expertise in the hospitality industry made an immediate impact on our level of service and most importantly our financial performance. I would highly recommend Ryan to anyone looking to improve their company’s performance. Worth every penny!

Country Club
Mark Bergman
Owner at Old Hickory Golf Club

We hired Ryan and Strategic Club Solutions to assist us with our Strategic Plan. The process was organized, refined, impactful and effective. Since implementing our plan with SCS, our F&B revenues are up 32%, Membership is up 24%, and Member satisfaction is up 35%. We couldn’t be more pleased. We highly recommend SCS and their team and we will be engaging them for additional services in the future.

Steven Roy Watson
General Manager/COO at LaCrosse Country Club