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Additional Services

Strategic Club Solutions offers a wide range of effective and affordable services and programs. Engage with our expert staff for a single option or a custom combination designed to boost your Club beyond your expectations.

  • Financial and Accounting Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • IT Support Solutions
  • Retail Outlet Management
  • Speaking and Training Engagements
  • Club Operations Consulting
  • Sales Strategy and Accountability for Events/Membership Departments

Your presentation is exactly the type of education that we need – especially since most of us (me included) are not web designers or graphic designers by trade, rather it is a job responsibility that falls within membership role that we occupy…I think your presentation would be spot on for club marketers from across the country to hear. In addition, plenty of Board Presidents and Club Managers also attend the conference and it would be just as important for them to hear.

Robin Martin
Operations Director, Conway Farms Golf Club