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Developing strategic, custom, and relevant surveys with clean data so you get the right information to move forward

Club survey
  • Membership Surveys
  • New Member Surveys
  • Employee Surveys
  • Event Follow-up Surveys
  • Exit Surveys for Employees
  • Exit Surveys for Members

Quality decisions can only be based on quality data. By asking clean questions, you get reliable, accurate, and unbiased consistent data.  Too often we see the past club and community surveys and they have questions that are double-barrelled and leading which offer up data that is inaccurate. We know for you to make informed decisions you need to get the best understanding of what your respondents want and need.

SCS creates custom surveys in a digital format that allows for the best way to gather the data. We are able to track while in progress and cross-tabulate data so you can “see” your club and community through a clean lens. We provide a report with various graphics to help understand the data. 

Find out what is working well and what can be improved. Get a clearer sense of utilization, importance and significance when it comes to everything club and community — amenities, governance, communication, etc. 

Increase member engagement by providing opportunities for members to give their opinions so they may feel more invested in the organization and more likely to participate in its activities and initiatives.

One of the biggest benefits of doing surveys the right way is it allows leadership to build trust and transparency. SCS surveys are constructed to not only capture but inform and educate as needed. This platform is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate you are committed to their need and can build stronger relationships.

Great news that we had an overwhelmingly positive response to both Master Plans. With 75% of the voting members responding (shocking!!!), we had a 70% approval on the Course and 81% approval on the Campus. Appreciate all that you did to help get those over the finish line!

Mark Jablonski
CCM, ECM, CFBE, CSW General Manager