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Surveys Designed to Deliver

From guesswork to guidance, our surveys pave the way for informed decisions
Not only did SCS provide us with a survey, they guided us with communication strategy that without a doubt was a factor in our 70% response rate.

Pulse Surveys

These surveys offer a quick and efficient way to gauge your member’s satisfaction, preferences, and expectations. These short, frequent surveys allow you to collect real-time feedback, enabling you to address issues promptly and adapt services to meet members’ needs more effectively. By fostering a culture of continuous feedback, pulse surveys help improve member retention, enhance the overall member experience, and ensure that the club remains responsive and aligned with its members’ evolving desires. 

Membership Surveys

These comprehensive surveys provide detailed insights into member demographics, usage patterns, and preferences for amenities and services. By analyzing the data collected from membership surveys, you can make informed decisions about strategic planning, service improvements, and facility enhancements. This can lead to a more personalized member experience, increased satisfaction, and loyalty, and ultimately, better retention rates.

Employee Surveys

These surveys provide employees with a confidential platform to express their views on the work environment, leadership effectiveness, training needs, and overall job satisfaction. By regularly conducting these surveys, clubs can identify areas of concern, monitor trends in employee feedback, and implement changes to improve the work environment. This proactive approach can lead to increased employee retention, enhanced club culture, and better service delivery to members.

Our experts design custom surveys based on your Club's needs.

New Member Survey

These surveys are typically conducted shortly after a member joins the club, offering valuable insights into their onboarding experience, initial satisfaction with the club’s facilities and services, and expectations for their membership journey. By understanding the needs and preferences of new members from the outset, clubs can tailor their services and communication to enhance the new member experience, ensuring that it aligns with their expectations.

Exit Surveys

These surveys provide clubs with an opportunity to understand the reasons behind a member’s decision to depart, be it dissatisfaction with services, changes in personal circumstances, or unmet expectations. By capturing insights from departing members, clubs can identify areas for improvement, address systemic issues, and potentially make changes that prevent future losses of members. Exit surveys also allow clubs to end the membership relationship on a note of professionalism and care, by showing that the club values feedback and is committed to continuous improvement.

Event Surveys

Event surveys are distributed to participants after an event to assess their satisfaction with various aspects, including the venue, food quality, event organization, entertainment, and overall experience. This direct input from members ensures that the club can tailor its events more closely to member preferences, leading to higher attendance and engagement rates. Event surveys also demonstrate the club’s commitment to excellence and member satisfaction by showing that member feedback is a critical component of event planning and execution.

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Join the growing list of satisfied clients who have experienced transformative improvements in their workplace culture, Member satisfaction, and overall organizational performance. Let us help you turn feedback into your club’s most valuable asset.


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