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Laura Leszczynski


VP of Marketing, NMSBA Certifications


Laura is a marketing and branding expert who uses research-backed, neuromarketing best practices and principles to help Clubs define their brand and integrate it within every Member touchpoint and experience. She aids with brainstorming, messaging, branding, planning and developing deliverables to tell a Club’s story and create more loyal Members.

Laura founded and has directed a full-service marketing firm for 21 years and has experience working with a variety of clients in the restaurant and hospitality industries. She started a youth volleyball club in 2010 and works with 500 youths annually with camps and club opportunities. She serves on the MTEF Board of Education Foundation and is an active member of TEMPO Milwaukee. Laura joined the Team at SCS when we launched the SCS name in 2015.

For years, Laura has attended conferences like NMSBA (Neuromarketing, Science and Business), studied the theories of neuromarketing experts like Roger Dooley and taken classes from branding and storytelling champion, Donald Miller. She leverages her skills and experiences to create smart, proven strategies for Clubs that help them define who they are, what makes them unique, and what makes people want to be Members. Once she helps a Club understand its true identity, she uses this as a framework to develop influential messaging, creative deliverables and powerful Membership strategies.

Laura is a fun and engaging national speaker and is recognized as an approved CMAA speaker. She has presented nationally on topics including “The Power of a Brand,” “The Power of Pictures: Tips and Triggers for Motivating Your Audience Through Images,” “How to Use Brain Science to Better Understand Your Audience,” and “Using Neuromarketing Tips to Run a Better Club.”

When you work with Laura, she’ll challenge and encourage you to approach your Club’s brand and story with a fresh perspective while creating results that increase current Members’ pride and prospective Members’ desire to be a part of something so incredible.