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Are you passionate about joining a vibrant club community and pursuing a fulfilling career in the club and community industry? Look no further, Strategic Club Solutions Club Careers page is your one-stop destination to exploring open positions within a variety of clubs and communities.

We understand the importance of finding your perfect fit when it comes to your club career. That’s why we’ve created a TruFit Process of using a custom qualifications matrix to ensure you are a qualified fit to the position you are applying for. We have a 98.2% success rate!

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SCS Job Board

Financial Controller

Hickory Hills Country Club | Hickory Hills, IL

Interim Executive Chef

Strategic Club Solutions

Clubhouse Manager

The Town Club | Milwaukee, WI
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I am so excited! This is truly one of the greatest things that have ever happened to me and my career path. 


Kathy Baran
Assistant General Manager

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Where Exceptional Candidates Rise Above

Yesterday’s hiring landscape? A static lineup of qualifications and experiences. Today, SCS elevates the standout match with precision and care. SCS’s TruFit approach isn’t about sifting through a stack of resumes. It’s about attracting the candidate who best fits. Our process is a dynamic dance of technology, psychology, and deep engagement — no essays, no guesswork. With our 7-point TruFit system, watch as the perfect match is drawn out from the crowd unmistakably aligned with your values, culture, and vision.

This isn’t chance. It’s chemistry. And with a 98.2% success rate, it’s the kind of chemistry that lasts.

Contact SCS for a TruFit — Where the right candidate doesn’t just join your club, they complete it.