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14 Ways to Bring Your Club to Your Members

As fears mount, can you find ways to bring the Club to Members?

We know that Clubs are doing their due diligence in following CDC recommendations and communicating with their Members to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19). But, we also know there is missed opportunity here to remind Members they are like family and that we care about them.

In a time when people are facing uncertainty and a fear of leaving their homes, Clubs should consider how they can create a “Remote Club” and bring part of the Club experience to their Members at home. Kids are bored while stuck in the house, people’s routines are disrupted, and above all, most people are facing some degree of fear. Finding extra ways to care for your Members during this time can make a big impact.

14 Ways to Bring Your Club to Your Members

Obviously, we advise you to first and foremost follow all CDC recommendations and continue to provide outstanding service and above-and-beyond cleanliness at the Club.


1. Email out a video in which your athletic trainer, instructor or coach teaches Members an at-home workout.

2. Send out pre-season stretching tips from your sports pro (golf, tennis, aquatics, etc.)



3. Offer curbside food pick up at the Club. You’ve reassured your Members that you are upholding CDC standards of cleanliness, so you can offer them food prepared by a source they trust. Have staff wear disposable gloves when delivering food to Members’ vehicles.

4. Send out easy-to-make recipes from your Chef. Have Chef share tips for cooking healthy meals with immune system-boosting ingredients.

5. Share a make-ahead, feel-good soup recipe that Members can keep on-hand in their freezers in case they get sick.



6. Send Members download-able games or activities, such as a coloring page, word search or crossword puzzle. Use a site like to easily create a Club-themed activity or puzzle using words related to your Club (room names, coach names, iconic beverages, etc.)

7. Host a social media contest where Members tag your Club in a photo of them doing a particular “Remote Club” activity at home (for example, making one of Chef’s recipes), or a video of them talking about why they love the Club.

8. Provide a fun list of movies to watch, books to read, or podcasts to listen to while stuck at home.

9. Send instructions for an Easter or Mother’s Day craft Members can create at home with their children.

10. Use a video tutorial to teach Members how to play a new card game like Euchre. Then, build a future event around the game.


11. Many people now find themselves working at home for the first time. Send out work-from-home productivity tips or remind Members how to reserve a conference room or co-working space at the Club.



12. Ask Members to think of something they’re grateful for and email it to the Club. Share these gratitudes with your Members by emailing them out or creating a gratitude wall or piece of artwork in the Club.

13. Email Members a meditation video from your Yoga Instructor.

14. Hold a spring cleaning donation drive – Members can clean out their closets while they are at home, and the Club can identify a local charity for drop off.

Members consider their Club to be their home-away-from-home.

Offering them even a few of these solutions will remind them that you care and keep the Club top-of-mind as a safe place and resource during this challenging time.

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