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Action Checklist for Clubs: Preparing to Engage the Next Generation

If you haven’t read Bridging the Communication Gap: Engaging the Next Generation in Club Life or 10 Most Critical “Must Not Dos” When Attracting a Younger Generation through Communication, we recommend you check those out first.

1. Conduct a Digital Audit

Assess your current digital footprint. Ensure your website, social media, and other digital platforms are up-to-date and appealing to younger audiences.

2. Implement a Member Survey

Gather data on the preferences of your younger members.

3. Create Strategy

Focus on their communication habits, interests, and what they value in club membership.

4. Develop a Digital Communication Strategy

Based on survey insights, create a strategy that includes social media, email newsletters, and a mobile-friendly app for on-the-go information.

5. Offer Modern Amenities and Events

Align your club’s amenities and event calendar with the interests of the younger generation, like wellness programs, tech-savvy spaces, and modern fitness facilities.

    6. Train Your Staff

    Ensure your staff is knowledgeable and comfortable with digital tools and understands the importance of engaging with younger members.

      7. Monitor and Adapt

      Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your new strategies and be ready to adapt based on feedback and evolving trends.

      The key to engaging the next generation lies in understanding their preferences and adapting communication strategies accordingly. By embracing digital platforms, personalizing messages, and offering meaningful engagement opportunities, clubs can not only attract younger members but also build a vibrant, inclusive community that spans generations. This shift in approach is not just a necessity but an opportunity to rejuvenate and enrich the club experience for all.

      SCS has a team of award-winning experts ready to partner with you to ensure you are preparing for a strong future. Schedule a complimentary guidance call and see how we can support you.

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