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Dear SCS,

How does our Pro Shop compete with online retailers when so many people seem to buy everything online? We have noticed that more of our Members are using our shop as a showroom and then ordering the merchandise online.

Sand-Bunkered Sam

Dear Sand-Bunkered Sam,

I understand the frustration that comes with seeing your Members shopping elsewhere. Think about why this may be the case. Is it price? Convenience? Selection? In my experience, most reasons Members shop elsewhere are due to false perceptions. They believe that shopping online offers either better pricing or a better selection that your Pro Shop cannot offer. If this is true, you need to take a hard look at your pricing and merchandise assortment. If it is false, you need to invest in educating your Members about the benefits of shopping at your Pro Shop. Email campaigns, signage, and individual conversations will do wonders in creating a culture that has Members shopping at THEIR Club!

Mark Bergman
Management & Golf Operations Consultant