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Research shows that the key to Member retention is not just creating satisfied Members, it’s creating loyal Members.

Tips for Increasing Member Loyalty & Retention

Find ways to feature your Members

This can include Member spotlight articles in your newsletter, welcoming new Members in your weekly email or on social media, and featuring Member successes on your Clubhouse bulletin board or monitor art.

Reward Members with unexpected moments of delight

Celebrate their Membership anniversaries, offer a birthday treat, and remember and notice important dates and happenings in their lives.

Show Members that you care about their opinions

Get their feedback through Club comment cards, chit cards, and surveys, and then implement their suggestions.

Go above and beyond when it comes to helping your Members

Call Members and let them know if you have tickets available for an event. Have their drink of choice ready when they sit down at the bar. Help non-tech-savvy Members sign up for events over the phone.

At SCS, we use neuromarketing research to create customized Membership strategies that increase loyalty.