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Embracing Artificial Intelligence – Seize the Opportunity or Risk Obsolescence

“AI won’t replace humans but humans with AI are going to replace humans without AI” 

– Professor Karim Lakhani, Harvard Business School

When Professor Lakhani made this statement, it was more than a nod to the tectonic shifts in technology, it was a clarion call to professionals. The underlying message? Growth. In our age of rapid technological evolution, growth is rooted in being uncomfortable.

As we enter 2024, reflecting on our paths, our successes, and the legacy we intend to leave, we ask this: Are you evolving? Are you leveraging the tools and technologies that not only offer you a strategic edge but can determine your relevance in an AI-integrated future?

It was over a year ago that ChatGPT, a pioneering Artificial Intelligence tool, was launched. Most of you should be familiar with it or at least the idea of it. Yet, we find many leaders, often tenured, aren’t as tech-savvy as the demands of the era require. There’s a vivid intersection of differentiation here. Are you aligning yourself on the side of progressive evolution or risking obsolescence?

In nature, adaptation is key to survival. The dodo bird, once a thriving species, is now a symbol of extinction due to its inability to adapt. So, ask yourself, as a club professional, do you want to be the dodo of the club management world? Even if the sunset of your career is on the horizon, the importance of being open-minded and being prepared to grow with technology cannot be stressed enough. You owe it to yourself, your team, and the legacy you plan to leave.

The advantage? Partnering with firms like us doesn’t just provide an introduction to cutting-edge AI tools, it provides a guiding hand, a mentor on how to wield these tools effectively. It’s not just about having the weapon but mastering the art of using it.

Consider the efficiencies AI brings. Predictive analysis, for instance, offers insights that can boost your club’s revenues or enhance the member experience. Or automation, which can free up your team to engage in more value-added tasks. The implications are transformative.

Embrace the change because it’s not merely happening around you; it’s accelerating. Stay relevant. Lead a team in an environment where AI is not a sci-fi fantasy but an integral part of their everyday lives.

As continue into 2024, being strategic isn’t just about planning for the next fiscal year, it’s about envisioning the next decade, aligning with an AI-centric future, and leveraging it to ensure not just survival, but thriving success. As custodians of legacy and leadership in the private club industry, let’s not just be spectators, let’s be the torchbearers of this evolution. After all, growth comes when you are uncomfortable. Embrace it.

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