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10 Tech Tips for a Stronger Club Experience in the Digital Era

Instagram launched Threads. Twitter traded in its iconic blue bird for X. Chat GPT and AI are becoming workplace staples. Technology is constantly evolving. Are you leveraging it to create a personalized, streamlined, and modernized member experience?

As the average age of membership continues to drop, technology becomes not just an added perk, but an expectation. Clubs that fail to plug in risk quickly becoming stagnant and outdated. By embracing technology, clubs can create a seamless experience that extends beyond their physical spaces, making it easier for members to connect and engage more than ever before. 

Read on for 10 tips for enhancing operations and member experiences with technology from the SCS experts:

#1 Simplify with Software

Use membership management software to streamline the membership process. Track interests, automate communications, and enhance payment options. 60% of CRM features are not used and many clubs miss out on valuable features like CRM tools, personalized notifications, and engagement reports.

#2 Evaluate Your App

Consider creating or enhancing your app for members. Make sure the app is an extension of your member experience, not a distant cousin. Utilize the app for bookings, orders, and communications. Provide tutorials for accessibility. 

#3 Boost an Active Lifestyle

Enhance fitness offerings with digital support like smartwatch apps. Enable workout tracking, goal setting, and virtual advice. Foster camaraderie through friendly competitions and personalized tips. Golf clubs can use tech to make it easier to book tee times, track scores, order merchandise, and access personalized tips from the Pro.

#4 Don’t Skimp on Social Media

Engage members and prospects with your social media platforms. Create a healthy dose of FOMO by showing the fun and lifestyle your club offers. You’ll extend your community beyond your physical borders and engage members and guests on social – where they are already hanging out. But, if you commit to social media, you have to commit – show up, don’t skimp out. 

#5 Always Be Available

Implement a chatbot on your website or app to provide round-the-clock support. During business hours, a chat feature can direct inquiries to the correct person on your team to answer questions. After hours, chatbots can be used to answer frequently asked questions or let users know when someone from the team will get back in touch. Similarly, you can set up automated responses on Facebook or Instagram to let people know their message was received and when they can expect you to follow up with them.

#6 Save Time Crafting Communications

Leverage ChatGPT to help improve the quality of emails, newsletters, event descriptions, responses to reviews, and more to get hours back in your day. It can also be used to brainstorm ideas, themes, and details for programming and events.

#7 Get Personal

If you’re not personalizing your member emails, you’re missing out on a 40% increase in open rate, a 139% increase in click through rate, and a significant boost in member engagement and event attendance. Take advantage of your email marketing tool or content management system to include members’ names in your subject lines, segment your mailing lists by interests and attendance history, set pre-scheduled emails to celebrate member milestones, and more. 

#8 Onboard with Ease

Streamline your member onboarding experience by implementing and optimizing tech. Create a strategically-timed email sequence that helps new members easily integrate into club life. This might include a welcome guide with need-to-know information about how to use the club, followed by an introductory email from chef with a seasonal recipe or dining discount, followed by a list of personalized event recommendations. Digital interest questionnaires and digital passports should also be leveraged for a top-notch new member experience.

#9 Play Games

Use tech to gamify elements of your club experience, such as by using your app to reward members with points when they engage with the club by attending events, dining, or making referrals. Gamification has also been shown to increase employee engagement and happiness by 89%. Take advantage by using it to track performance and offer rewards, introduce challenges, and add an element of entertainment to training.

#10 Get Answers

Use digital member and staff surveys to increase participation rates and successfully collect and analyze data to guide decision-making. Conduct pulse surveys through email or your club app to get timely feedback after members attend a specific event or dine at the club.


Additionally, by implementing these strategies, you’ll save significant time and resources, allowing you to channel your efforts toward delivering exceptional service and memorable experiences. The result is a seamless and personalized club experience tailored to each member’s unique preferences, fostering a deeper sense of connection. Your members will feel engaged with and valued by the club whether they’re on the golf course, mingling at the bar, or enjoying your digital offerings from the comfort of their homes.

SCS is helping clubs across the country to integrate technology to become more successful.

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