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Michelle Cocita

5 Steps to Take Before Posting a Job Position

Written by Michelle Cocita, People Strategy Specialist

Before posting a job position, there are a few important steps you should take to ensure that you are hiring the right person for the position and for your team. Here are five important steps to take before you interview candidates:

1. Identify what strengths are missing from your team.

What are the areas where your team could improve? What skills and experience would be complementary to the skills and experience of your existing team members?

2. Establish clear expectations.

What are the specific responsibilities and goals of the position? What challenges and opportunities will the individual be facing in the next 6-12 months? It is important to be able to communicate these expectations to candidates so that they can assess their fit for the role.

3. Hire with the needs of the entire team in mind.

Consider how the new hire will interact with the rest of your team. Will they be a good fit for your team’s culture? Will they be able to collaborate effectively with your other team members?

4. Define your team’s culture.

What are the core values and beliefs of your team? What kind of work environment do you want to create? Once you have a clear understanding of your team’s culture, you can look for candidates who are a good fit.

5. Consider the growth trajectory you’d ideally like the person to have.

What are your goals for the individual in the next 1-2 years? What kind of training and development opportunities can you provide them? Interview toward that growth trajectory, rather than interviewing with your own goals and trajectory in mind.


Hiring the right people is key to your operation’s success. To find the best fit for your team, prep before you post.

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