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Crafting Exceptional Member Experiences: Best Practices

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Erica Martin

Crafting Exceptional Member Experiences: Best Practices

Gone are the days of great experiences. In today’s competitive landscape, where members are  met with a landscape of choices for entertainment and experiences, settling for a great club experience simply isn’t enough – it needs to be exceptional. By consistently delivering exceptional experiences you are increasing member loyalty, engagement, and keeping your club top of mind. 

Staff greeting members by name is expected in this industry. Surprising a member by booking next week’s reservation for them and then having their favorite drink ready as they arrive is an exceptional member experience. 

Here’s an example of exceptional member experience from M. Kent Johnson, CCM, ECM, GM/COO, which we share along with others in our best-selling book, Clubology.

When a couple from Kent’s club had to cancel their birthday dinner at the club and trip to Bermuda due to contracting COVID, Kent’s team surprised the members by sending Bermudian cocktails complete with palm tree glasses and tropical flowers and Bermudian candy to the members’ home. 


Now that’s an exceptional experience that those members will treasure for a lifetime – and share with everyone.

5 of our best practices for creating exceptional member experiences.


Know what your members like and what they want.

Understanding your members is the foundation to exceptional experiences. Surveying members gives you the opportunity to gain valuable insights into their preferences, needs, and expectations. Acting on the feedback by tailoring your offerings shows members you are listening.

Show Your Team How It’s Done

Exceptional member experiences start with an intentional club culture. Intentional  club culture begins when you prioritize and invest in your employees, ensuring your team is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles. An environment that celebrates going above and beyond will create a workforce passionate about delivering outstanding service.

Be More Than Mother’s Day Brunch

Diversify your club’s offerings to cater to members of all generations. Give your members access to exclusive experiences with distinguished experts, such as guest chefs, trainers, mixologists, or stylists that they wouldn’t be able to experience elsewhere. Keep programming fresh and relevant to exceed member expectations.

Be the Brand they Believe In

An exceptional club knows its brand story (What makes you stand out among competition? Why should someone choose your club? What are your values?) and is consistently delivering the brand across every member touchpoint, instilling a sense of pride and loyalty in membership.

Pay attention

Personalization is key to creating memorable experiences. By collecting and updating member profiles with their interests, hobbies, and milestones, you can tailor interactions to suit their preferences. Personally invite members to events or programming you think they’d enjoy. Show gratitude for members with a handwritten thank you note. Remember the milestones in your members’ lives – both big and small – and find memorable ways to help them celebrate.

In today’s competitive club industry, standing out and delivering exceptional experiences is crucial for long-term success. At Strategic Club Solutions, Our expert team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and craft tailor-made solutions that exceed your members’ expectations. Discover how our proven methodologies can elevate your club’s performance and leave a lasting impression on your members.

Let’s take your club from great to exceptional.